lil creations

putting the occasional thing here

lil decorated paper cranes [midapril 2016]

something from the archives, why not, i still like these. made these during some high school lesson that same day, and think i've given away most if not all of these by now

eight small paper cranes lined up neatly, with a variety of lined and/or dotted patterns done in black pen and coloured felt-tips

rainbow sweater [ribbing knit sometime october 2022, the rest crocheted across a couple of weeks in january 2023]

just a little experimental thing because i wanted to make something wearable from the rainbow yarn i got in .. december 2020! i like how it came out. also it's 100% woollen !

me sitting on the floor taking a mirror selfie in said rainbow sweater with smooth colour transitions and yellow knit ribbing on the bottom and sleeve ends, face obscured by phone, against a transparent background

headgeared crane [created midmarch 2022]

made as a gift to oli xl, the headgear resembling the winged variant of the pilot helmet hes got, as seen on the go oli go! / cartoon smile single cover art. he went like no way!! when he noticed it... :')
was a friend's idea to use a paper captain's hat as the base for it, it turned out really well with some modifications. it's held in place by the thread attaching the face cover (it goes through the helmet) + tiny dabs of superglue.
still really proud of it...

the paper crane, dark with white speckles, and the little papercrafted winged helmet

silly star [dec 15 2022] ...

was folding some lucky paper stars, some of the tiny strips had a fold in them that made them look like long legs n i had a couple bigger lucky stars to tuck the strips into ... could explore this Idea a little Further via craft Maybe

an idle animation doodle of a cartoonish star with a contented face and long spindly legs

my window view (parts omitted) [dec 03 2022]

doodled as to get rid of some restlessness. while listening to aestum selftitled

doodle of a nighttime view upon a window, draped with fairylights lit up in red and orange, curtains drawn aside. visible from the window is part of a house with a smoking chimney, and some other things indistinctly drawn

random animated doodle [nov 15 2022]

small animated doodle of a starry sky