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(a little virtual zine-like thing?
about my appreciation of a certain song...)

tldr: love cartoon smile so much i could implode ngl

so, it's late november 2022, there's this tune i love that's now been out for almost a year...
[ oli xl - cartoon smile ]
there's been some sort of special connection sprouting btwn this little tune and me, and i'm feeling like elaborating on this a little!!! >:)

and on some little special moments i've had, enhanced by this, whilst it's been accompanying me a lot a lot throughout the year...
even early on in me appreciating the song there was a lil moment where the fireworks sounds in the outro made me think about lovely times i'd had one new year's eve

( and it's especially really cute because the synthbit of the outro was done by a friend of oli's, too :') )
rough doodle of a new years eve scene, with trees, buildings, fireworks, groups of people
(i'd spent that nye with friends, for once. and kept happycrying about it right after i'd got to bed the morning after lmao)
doodle of a bus riding along a road through nature, as the sun sets
and the variety of times of looking at nature while listening to it...
(midsummer '22, late evening bus omw to hanging out w friends. beautiful golden hour, the thought of the busful of lil journeys... felt dissolved in the love i was feeling, in the best way)

...has been quite moving as well...!
(early sept '22, caught the sunset at the lake while on a walk, lingered beneath some trees looking at it, listened to the tune on loop.
thought about my friends, and how i keep thinking of em upon seeing things i associate with em... *sits down under one of the trees and cries* type beat)
doodle of an elaborate sunset, with some trees framing it
and the little common thread of the feeling of... belonging, perchance... really means a lot, as someone who felt lonely a lot as a kid
but well,
i mean,

could have these sorts of moments without this song too, or with some other song,

or whatever,

(and i have, for sure)

something really lovely to me about how i've currently kind of been letting this song in particular thread itself thru all these little moments, shed light upon all these little connections, despite everything...

music as powerful antidote to loneliness, or whatnot <3
and also inspires me to seek out more of what makes my heart sing like that...

doodle of a sparse few hearts and sparkles
and just, idk, makes me more glad in general to exist, and that my beloved ones exist, and other good people and such too

thank u oli
(hope the world is kind to u)

thank u world
(despite the awful parts)
and like, the little vocal part I LOVE THE LITTLE VOCAL PART i have no idea how it resonates with me so much but it does!!!! like i really do want to find myself within more moments that make my heart sing like that ( if you just so happen to be oli himself and you see this - ummmmmm hii... :') )