i'm on utc+2 (nov-mar) / utc+3 (apr-oct), for now.

sun, mar 12, 2023, 11pm

my heart is full v1: a mix by a friend of mine which couples cartoon smile by oli xl with rly cozy tunes both before and after it, illegally lovely to the point of some tears a couple times. bought the cfcf release blanketed in snow a place returned is from during the latest bandcamp friday, after having checked the whole album out and having rly liked it. n this kind of tethered blanketed in snow to my soul somewhat, by way of having fit so well with cartoon smile in the mix, and that tune being so deeprooted in me (as yall might be aware of) :')

my heart is full v2: one of my middle-school-time teachers, the one who was the only one (edit: from every1 in middle school at the time, perhaps excluding my best friend) to remember my birthday one year when i was still in middle school, visited the shop i work at again yesterday. bought a couple catgrass seedpacks and a newspaper. she told me about how another of my middle-school-time teachers has been baking her bread on the weekly and has been so diligent with it that she's not had to buy bread from the store for a couple of years now :')

wed, mar 08, 2023, 4pm

happy womens day to whoever celebrates, i feel barely a connection with that part of me but it's still kind of neat to get the occasional gift haha (the boss brought us tulips and a snack platter at work today)

been feeling nearly at my limit as of late, mentally mostly, trying to juggle that somehow, to my okayest ability. but at least the cold has mostly cleared, just a bit of a cough left...

mon, feb 27, 2023, 9pm

ole mundane existence been takin my energy as of late really, so not been any updates on my site, but not apologetic bout that... plus i went on the lil weekend trip to berlin which i mentioned about in here a bit, got the classic bounce from the berghain/panorama bar door (new sneek-proverb, for facing inconveniences: "well at least it's no being bounced after waiting 3.5 hours in berghain queue in shitty weather for a lineup you rly liked" lmao), but also still saw malibu, of the french and ambient kind, live ! and briefly got to meet ecco there instead haha

and also have managed to catch some sort of coldbug probably from mom AGAIN, sitting here with a variably mildly fucked up throat and now a runny nose as well. but my manager still on sick leave with headaches, hopefully returning from fri, so i'm sort of just trying to cope best i can haha, but i'll get back in the groove of fiddling w the lil site and whatnot some more down the line, after i get a lil better healthwise

been having this rolling memo widget on my phone homescreen of planning out my days, trying to have some type of routine, though living with my parents throws some cogs into that mostly mentally which is ass but it's whatever, i'll deal. lots of emojis in there atm, i do like my silly little images

mon, feb 06, 2023, 9pm

the wintry feeling slowly starting to back away... finally still light again at 4pm, 5pm, and slowly getting lighter by the day. but whether i'm ready to slowly pick up slack is a different question. though i do feel a bit of spring in my heart by now

i don't feel like i've been up to much lately... mostly just maintenant existence, possible slow improvements, occasional indulgin' in life's fine things

thinkin about how to expand upon the music enjoyin page on my site, and i have some thoughts for sure